a passion for overcoming technological challenges

our mission

our aim is to help accelerating your industry and providing a technological answer to the challenges you face tomorrow.

our vision


Everything what we do at vintecc - and the daily drive our team has for our clients’ projects - is summarized in that one single word. Smart.

The term ‘smart’ describes the vision of vintecc to synchronize people, machines, assets, systems, processes, … etc. to work together in the best possible way, and to find the best answer to your challenges of tomorrow…

Accelerating your industry. Smart.


Co-creation with our clients is at the center of our way of work.

Combining your domain expertise with our industrial AI-knowledge can create technological firework. This approach and joint endeavor allows us to build the best performing software or AI-solution that works for you and accelerates your business.

But, enough read, if you have a challenge in mind send us a message and we will take the time to understand your needs. 


We don’t sit, we stand next to you in meetings or in the field. 

We like doing things and become closely involved in managing and organizing a solution for your industrial challenge of tomorrow.

We make sure you’ll be able to take objective decisions and move forward. 

We relate. We understand. We solve. You accelerate.


meet our team

Currently 40+ young professionals, and counting. 

The vintecc team has different backgrounds, different talents and a mix of some serious skills. We are connected by our passion for technological savviness and a can-do mentality.

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the industry of tomorrow?